I’m Candi Block, founder and all-around-girlboss behind this business.

I started Block Weddings & Events in 2015 as a side hustle to my full-time job at the University of Washington. I accidentally fell into wedding planning if I’m being totally honest, but it couldn’t have been a better place to land.

Wedding planning is all about logistics (which I love!), but it’s also a time filled with emotions – excitement and joy, with a tad bit of overwhelm and stress. Luckily, I’m also a self-proclaimed self-care guru. After dealing with anxiety through my early twenties, I took up the practice of meditation and yoga, journal each day, am a big fan of bubble baths, and can binge on any books in the self-care/mindset/entrepreneurship categories. It’s become a big part of my life and something that I really enjoy learning more about and sharing with my clients. From lighting a nice candle to splurging on a massage, I am a big supporter of finding ways to incorporate self-care into the wedding planning process.


4 Things To Know About Candi


Furmama to Whooper + Yeti


Big fan of breakfast food


Treehugger, literally


Travel addict



I’m Amy Gorton, Lead wedding coordinator + Candi’s Right Hand Woman

I started assisting Candi at weddings in 2018 after looking for more flexible and creative employment avenues. Shortly thereafter I was hooked and gladly accepted Candi’s proposal to coordinate my own clients’ weddings.

I’m a little bit of a black sheep in the sense that I’m creative and artsy but am organized and absolutely love my label maker. It makes wedding coordinating a win-win for me! I basked in the task of planning my own wedding and only remember being ridiculously blissful on the day of. I truly believe weddings should be as stress-free and fun as possible. That feeling I still harbor from my big day is my goal for all my clients. Let me take care of the little details and have you be the embodiment of carefree and happy.


4 Things To Know About Amy

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Furmama to Nika


Adventure seeker


Ice cream lover


Big fan of animals