How To Pack & Prep Your Wedding Day Decorations

You probably know your exact wedding day vision. From the décor you’ve collected to the rentals you’ve reserved, and how it’ll all come together. But, have you written it down? Having a clear wedding day set-up plan is one of the most critical pieces to ensuring your wedding day vision comes to life exactly how it looks in your mind, without a single piece or detail being forgotten or out of place. Even for couples with a more fluid vision, your set up plan is still a great way to organize where items are coming from, how they’re getting to and from the venue, and will make it easier to hand off set up to someone else while you’re getting ready and taking pictures. Here are my 7 tips to help you develop a plan and ensure the set up time before your ceremony goes smoothly on your wedding day.

Side note, apologies for the quality of this video! The audio is really good and the onscreen examples are clear, but I'm sorry my face is a little fuzzy :(


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