Booking A Non-Traditional Venue

Today I’m chatting with Kaylee, the Boston-based lifestyle blogger behind The Modish Mix. She’s shared about her wedding on her blog, so I already knew going into this recording that it was going to be full of great, tangible advice. We ended up chatting about so many things, that I decided to break it up into two episodes, so this is part 1.

Today, Kaylee talks about their decision to book a wedding venue that wasn’t even built yet. Bold move, right? There were definitely challenges that came along with it, but Kaylee shares what they looked for before making the decision to book, and how they worked through the design without physically having a space to walk through. She was an unconventional bride, which I love, and this advice is applicable to anyone hosting a wedding at a non-traditional venue.


Featured vendors: Bloom Meadows (venue), Crisp Event Planning + Catering (caterers), Berkshire Lovebird Studio (photographer), Desant Productions (videographer), Daisy Stone Studio (florist), Pulse Entertainment (music), Hair by Ashley Diane (hair stylist), and Make-Up by Jessalyn (make-up artist).


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