East Coast Family, West Coast Wedding

Today I’m chatting with Kaitlin and Nick. I had the pleasure of being their wedding coordinator in June of 2018. It was so much fun catching up with them in the episode, and man, when we started chatting about the ups and downs of wedding planning, they had so much great advice to share that I had to split it into two episodes! This is part 1 of their wedding story.

In this episode, they chat about their choice to get married in Seattle, even though all of their guests were on the east coast, which was a decision that didn’t go over so well when they first broke the news to their families. After getting them on board, Kaitlin also shares how much harder the other wedding traditions, like the bridal shower, can be when you’re on different sides of the country, and how she came to the decision to forego the experience all together. And that’s just part 1!


Featured vendors: WithinSodo (venue), Megan Christine Studio (photographer), Madeline Down (videographer), Ravishing Radish (catering + desserts), Metropolitan Market (florist), Rian Souleles (DJ), Pederson’s (rentals), Kat Green Makeup Love (hair + make-up), Dress Theory (wedding dress), Big Woody Limos (transportation), Larah Angelina Design (invitations), and Squarespace (wedding website).


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