How To Create Your Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Choosing the right type of seating arrangement for your wedding reception is a big decision. Then, after you choose how you'd like to seat your guests, there are a few logistical items you need to create to ensure the plan goes off seamlessly. I'm going to walk through the 4 different types of wedding reception seating arrangements:

1) Open seating
2) Open seating with a few reserved tables
3) Everyone assigned to a specific table
4) Everyone assigned to a specific table and a specific seat

I'll talk about which ones are most popular and the best for your dinner service style (ie buffet vs. family style vs. plated), as well as the items you need to create for each one.

If you want more help on this topics, there’s a YouTube video that goes along with is podcast episode that includes visual examples of floorplans, internal seating charts, escort card do’s and don’ts and more.


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