How To Handle Family Drama Between Parents

Today I’m chatting with Kirsten and Kris, and I was lucky enough to be their coordinator for their backyard wedding on Bainbridge Island in 2017. They reached out to me to be on the podcast and let me know a whole lot of family drama that was going on behind the scenes during their wedding planning that I didn’t even know was happening. They'll get into the details during the episode, but essentially they had 3 sets of parents, some of them hadn’t spoken for decades, and the wedding was being hosted at one of the parent’s homes. How do you make sure they all behave? Well, you sit them down before the wedding and make them work it out. Talking openly about family dynamics isn’t easy, but these two really handled the situation perfectly and it’s amazing advice for anyone cringing by the thought of how their family might interact on their wedding day.


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