How To Plan A Destination Wedding

Today I’m chatting with my business bestie, Petra Rabson. She’s the very talented wedding planner and owner behind Petra Rabson Events + Design. She has such a unique wedding story because her and Matt had a small civil ceremony in Canada, then moved to Seattle Washington and from there, planned their destination wedding in Bratislava, Slovakia. If you need to go Google Map where that’s located, I totally understand, it’s not a destination you probably hear often, but I can tell you from being a guest at her wedding, it’s a gorgeous and wonderful place to visit! Today, we chat about the challenges of planning a destination wedding in another country, things like time zones, language barriers, banking, and the use of vendor recommendations. We also deep dive into their experience with a hotel that unfortunately wasn’t able to finish renovations before their wedding day, causing a major change for them mid-planning. Petra shares her experience from the perspective of a fellow bride, and wedding planner, so you already know this is going to be good!

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Featured vendors: Wiegerova Vila (venue), Sharkam Catering (caterers), Inspired By Love (photographer), Goel Pictures (videographer), and Ponk Rentals (florist)


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