Not All Wedding Anxiety Is Bad

Today I’m chatting with Nicki from Nicki Kay Creative. I got in touch with Nicki after she wrote in a post on Instagram about how she wished she just would have gone downstairs to check on things before the wedding ceremony, rather than staying cooped up in the bridal suite the whole time feeling anxious. It got me thinking, because the tradition of no one seeing the bride while she’s getting ready is still followed by many couples, even as first looks have become more popular. What is it about this tradition that’s perpetuated for so long, and why don’t more brides just do what would make them feel most at ease on their wedding day, even if that means a few people see them before their hair and make-up is finished? Nicki shares all about the good anxiety they felt on their wedding day and debunks the idea that you have to stay hidden before your ceremony.


Featured vendors: Retro Suites Hotel (venue), Chilled Cork (caterers), Alina Wall (photographer), Presidential Productions (videographer), Janette Florist (florist), Dream Weddings by Veve and The Attic Door (rentals), Sweet Revenge Bake Shop (dessert), DJ Dwaine Iler (music), Janna Tetler (officiant) Hair by Ashley Diane (hair stylist), and Make-Up by Jessalyn (make-up artist).


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