Learn From My Wedding Mistakes is a podcast where newlyweds share openly and honestly about the things that didn’t go according to plan, either during wedding planning or on their wedding day. We’re going to cover all sorts of topics in this podcast, like issues with venues and vendors, tough family situations, awkward guest encounters, finances, budgeting, and so much more!

Sometimes we feel so alone when facing a wedding issue, when in reality couples across the country are running into the same problems we’re having. But, for fear of sounding like a bride or groomzilla, we sweep it under the rug, suppress the feelings, don’t ask the questions we really want answers to, or worse, we grin and bear it.

This podcast is your space to take refuge knowing you’re not alone if wedding planning is feeling less like rainbows and butterflies and more like a sinking ship on fire.

Each episode, I’ll be talking to a recently married couple about some of the big issues they faced regarding their wedding, and I’ll end each episode with a Q&A session from questions submitted by you, the listeners. I'm also sharing their nuggets of wisdom, and practical planning tips and self-care advice in a weekly email so you can start directly applying each couples' lessons to your own wedding planning journey.

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