Unprepared For A Windstorm

Today I’m chatting with Sasha. We met on Instagram after she tagged a photo from her wedding with #weddingmistakes.

Sasha’s story is unique, because while most couples are concerned with rain on their wedding day, Mother Nature threw them a curve ball and they were hit by a windstorm right before their ceremony. How many of you have a back up plan in case of wind? Probably not many, and after hearing her story, you may want to consider it. I think from now on, I’m going to call the rain plans for my coupes, “Mother Nature” plans, because let’s be honest, you just never know what might happen. Sasha shares how surprised they were when the wind picked up, how quickly changes had to happen, and how it made her flustered and frustrated, which impacted their photos and timeline. She also has great advice to help you feel more prepared for unexpected weather on their wedding day.


Featured vendors: Mount Lamm (venue), Joslyn Cain (photographer), Nichole Burrell-Crosby (flowers), Kandra Hamilton (hair and make-up)

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