What To Do When Your Rentals Don't Show Up

Today I’m continuing my conversation with Kaylee. Last week was part 1 of her wedding story where she shared the experience of booking a venue that wasn’t even built yet. And while some would think that was her wedding mistake, you’d be wrong! Today we talk about another vendor, her rental company, and the nightmare experience they had, starting with them not showing up on time for the delivery and ending with a settlement in court. Kaylee and Chris went through the ringer, but what I love is how in the midst of it all Kaylee took a moment to be upset (rightfully so), followed by a deep breath, and then moved on.

It’s an unfortunate thing that happened to them, but she’s happy to share about it because she wants other couples to do their due diligence up front and avoid a similar situation with any vendor. Get ready for some applicable takeaways that you can start using as you’re booking your own wedding vendors!


Featured vendors: Bloom Meadows (venue), Crisp Event Planning + Catering (caterers), Berkshire Lovebird Studio (photographer), Desant Productions (videographer), Daisy Stone Studio (florist), Pulse Entertainment (music), Hair by Ashley Diane (hair stylist), and Make-Up by Jessalyn (make-up artist).


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